Maria F. Palacios

Managing Partner

Brief info

Maria Fernanda Palacios is a veteran when it comes to creating and managing resources to build relationships for organizations and individuals. She was born in Caracas Venezuela and moved to Mexico after she graduated from College with a Designer degree.

For the past 20 years has devoted her professional time to develop her company Valores Alimenticios S.A. de C.V., a current leader as a manufacturing company of frozen bread and distributor of bakery ingredients in the North East region of Mexico, Texas and California.

As CEO of Prodeport S.A. de C.V., she demonstrated her devotion and organizational skills when awarded many prestigious events such as Saltando por el Teleton (Fundacion Teleton), Asociacion Ecuestre of Nuevo Leon (regional show jumper) among others.

Her passion for the equestrian sport came from many years of competition as a children, junior and young rider. Competing internationally for many years in many events like CSI Children, Junior and young riders championships. Intercontinental de la Juventud Mexico, South American Children, Junior and Young Riders championship.

She now resides in West Palm Beach Florida with her husband and five children. Maria Fernanda is devoting her time to two major life projects: developing her kits to become high performance athlete in golf and creating a network of leaders with a conscious mind towards the environment and better health.

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