Mindset and bottom line

Everyone can contribute to the bottom line.

Having a degree from college meant having a career. Higher education meant access to a better job. Some people kept the same work for many years, expecting to advance to the top.

New careers are a bit more unpredictable, to the point that most of us will probably end up hopping from one job to another during our lives.

Nowadays, other abilities are emerging in the corporate sphere like how to be an efficient negotiator, how to change while keeping corporate core values, and how to become resilient and adaptable. Some people have a knack for these skills, some need to learn them somehow, and others are not even conscious of the fact.


The fact of the matter is that as a society, we are giving the concept of personal growth a much higher value compared to many years prior.  Those who realize this will probably end up with the mindset of an entrepreneur. Seeking new opportunities and generating new ideas, even acting like CEOs, planning, and taking responsibility while staying grounded with their corporate objectives and values.

Every large organization is a collection of small outfits, and those small outfits thrive when individual employees cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset. Consequently, by realizing the impact and direct correlation our actions have on the bottom line, we will take a more intelligent approach on every initiative to handle what is required. Anyone can cultivate this mindset and contribute to an entirely new vitality in a current job.

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