International Tax Planning

Taxation Services

Our tax consultants partner  Froehlich & De La Rua are constantly keeping up to date with the changes in our Tax Laws. Our advice, know-how and vast experience acquired over the years ensures that you have access to cutting-edge strategies and actions in order to minimize your tax burden. Our Reserach & Development process is the best in the industry.

This cutting-edge apporach to the design and development of the best taxation strategy for your business will allow you to obtain and assure certainty about the future of your business. After all, every financial decision requires careful planning and superior implementation since ultimately there could be serious tax implications in the outcome of your business.

WE provides a variety of tax planning and consulting services for individuals, businesses, trusts and tax-excempt entities, including estate, gifting and retirement planning; federal, state and local tax issues; international tax advice and succession planning.

For individuals, our tax services go beyond the traditional 1040 return preparation. Through our tax advisors and leveraging on several Professional Alliances we are fully prepared to offer a complete Wealth Planning integrated service. Our recommendations include several tax tactics, such as: timing income and deductions, obtaining tax excempt income, using tax-advantaged investment tools, obtaining capital gains in lieu of ordinary income and using gifts and trusts. Our cutting-edge thinking approach in regards to tax planning will help you grow and preserve assets, defer income and reduce taxes on your income, estate, gifts, investments and retirement distributions.

Wether it be compliance, wealth planning or consulting, our aim is to provide you with the best possible advice and appropriately tailored recommendations, and/or strategies within the accounting and legal framework. All of this will ensure that you build and strengthen your net worth while minimizing your tax burden.

– Compliance:

  • Annual Return Filings.
  • Quarterly Estimate Calculations.
  • Franchise Returns and Annual Reports.
  • Sales and Use Tax Returns.
  • Payroll Tax Returns.
  • IRS Representation.

– Tax Planning for Individuals – Wealth Planning:

  • Estate and Gift Tax Planning
    • Strategies to reduce the amount of transfer taxes.
    • Timing/mode of transfer.
    • Financial security for children.
    • Tax planning tied to transfer goals.
  • Income Tax Projections
    • Tax impact of proposed future transactions.
    • Budgeting tools for cash flow.
    • Analysis of timing and structure.
  • Personal Financial Planning
    • Budgeting financial resources to meet retirement.
    • Gifting, education and other goals.
  • Family tax planning, including divorce.
  • Retirment planning.

– Business Tax Services:

  • Compensation planning
    • New rules govern Deferred Compensation Plans.
  • Corporate Tax Planning.
  • International Tax Services
    • Multistate Taxes.
    • Property Taxes.
  • Commercial Real Estate Cost Segregation Studies. 
  • Research & Development credits
    • Sales and use taxes.
  • State taxes and incentives services
    • Reverse sales and use tax audits.
  • Transfer Pricing.