Family Management Services


GSBA put together a team of highly motivated individuals trained to provide specific services designed for high profile individuals to manage essencial activities.


GSBA has created a strategic alliance with reputable Insurance Companies that offers a variety of Insurance products to hedge against the risk of a contingency and to protect your assets against financial loss. We also offer specific insurance products that work in conjunction with every strategy designed for foreign trust planning of None Register Aliens.


GSBA has teamed up with experts in the field that specialized in sport and merit scholarship. GSBA is capable of creating a path to college by working with every candidate on building the academic foundation required by the University of choice.


International tax, Foreign Trust planning for NRAs, Estate, and Taxation of Real State

GSBA formed a partnership with experts in the field to produce high-level solutions to maximize net worth protection while complying with up to date regulations. 

Personal assistance

GSBA Incorporated a team of customer relationship specialist to provide certain concierge services

  • Sending and reception of correspondence
  • Property Rental
  • Hotel Reservation
  • Private and Commercial plane reservation
  • Boat and Yacht rental

Family Business Structure

 GSBA understands the complexity of a family business and how challenging it could be as the family enterprise age. Lack of planning puts business continuity at risk. Not every family business after the third generation can to succeed. According to KPMG, only 13% of respondents have considered a succession process in the business activities, 55% are not aware or prepared to face this, and only 32% admit that they have considered and taken partial measures.

GSBA value proposition consist of:

  • Separate business and family affairs
  • Definition and fulfillment of corporate governance policies
  • Implicit inherence between corporate and family governance policies
  • Definition of each member’s function within the family business
  • Efficient and effective communications within family members
  • Be willing to get help along the process

The greatest challenge is to define the line that separates feelings from business practices.