Divide and Conquer or United and Conquer?

Human intelligence is far more communal than it is personal. This is not to say that without a community of cognizant people, most of us wouldn’t even be able to think at all.

People have the habit of overestimating how much they know about how things work, even when don’t know much. This gap between assumed understanding and actual knowledge is called the illusion of explanatory depth.

Probably riding a bike is something that most of us know how to do without even thinking, yet how many are able to specifically design and explain the parts and the mechanics behind the construction of the bicycle. How much do we really know about bicycles?

The world is an infinitely complex place. The human brain did not evolve to store huge amounts of information because there is simply too much of it. It would be unimaginable to think that one simple person is able to understand all there is to know about modern airplanes. They are simply too complicated for one simple person to know it all, it requires a team of specialists.

There is enough evidence supporting that the human brain evolved for action, diagnostic reasoning, and not to be repositories of knowledge.

Humans possess billions of neurons. We can travel to space and play an instrument. However, we evolve such a complex brain for the same reason that a jellyfish evolved their basic system of neurons, to enable effective actions.

There have been many people considered titans throughout history. Individual geniuses responsible for history’s great deeds and discoveries, but very little have been mention about the rich network of collaborators that contributed to that. History perhaps forgets this because the whole story is far to complex for must of us to remember in great detail.


We perhaps should take a look at how our education system operates and how students are grated. Students should not be graded according to what they were able to memorize. Instead, they should be trained to work on a collaboration, so that they graduate to tasks that are more complex. The purpose of education should not be just to pass knowledge, perhaps to remind us how little we know to trigger the necessity to seek help from the community of knowledge possessors that you are part of.

Our brain does not function as a computer; we did not evolve to store information. We evolve to work with other brains and to engage in collaborative activities.

Intention and collective thinking are what has led our species to succeed.

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