Corporate Structuring


What is Corporate Governance?

It is a set of formal and informal practices that govern the relationships between shareholders, directors, senior management and all third parties related to the company (creditors, suppliers, customers).

Corporate Governance (GC) promotes transparency in all operations.

GSBA recognizes the benefits of the implementation of Good Corporate Governance Practices.

These practices contribute to improving the competitiveness of companies, making them more efficient, transparent, dependable and professional.

The implementation helps companies attract investment, grow, form strategic international business alliances and compete successfully in the global economy.

In other words, the economic well-being of a company or a country depends, on a large scale, on whether the companies adhere to good governance practices or not.


The objective of Corporate Governance

To promote stable, transparent companies, in good faith, improve the administrative level and reduce risks to obtain more competitive and sustainable companies over time.

When a company decides to adopt and implement corporate governance measures, it is designing a navigation chart that specifies how companies should be managed and controlled.

Analysis of Ethical Dilemmas & Conflicts of Interest

Conflict of interest is one of the most recurrent ethical dilemmas in companies, at all levels. Many think that it is possible to avoid them, but sometimes it is not possible to do so, so the way is to make them transparent and administer them properly.

Acting with integrity always involves costs and losses, as well as difficulties to overcome. Without a doubt, it is worth doing the exercise of reflecting what one would do in such a case. Therefore, we invite you to enter the platform of our Ethical Dilemma Game, read carefully the dilemma, choose your answer and review the values associated with each option. There are no correct answers, only values in lack, excess or balance.

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