Business Process Management

About Business Process Model

Time, Cost, Quality, and Flexibility are four performance dimensions that can be measured by what is called Key Performance Indicators (KPI). A process performance measure is a quantity that can be unambiguously determined for a given business process. Any process failure can bring corporate life and the entire process ecosystem to a standstill. Processes determine the potential and speed of an organization to adapt to new circumstances and to comply with a fast – growing number of legislative requirements.

GSBA understands that every company wants to improve the way it does business – to improve its ability to respond rapidly andBpM-BPtrends dynamically to market forces and competition and to produce goods and services more efficiently while increasing profits.

GSBA grasp that leading companies are also increasingly incorporating business process management techniques to define and align their processes, vertically and horizontally while implementing process management and performance measurement systems to assure cost-effective and consistent outcomes. GSBA focus on helping managers implement these techniques to improve or redesign processes and to implement business process management systems in their organization.

GSBA recognizes that business processes represent one of the core assets of organizations. They have a direct impact on the attractiveness of products and services, influence customers experiences and ultimately revenue for a corporation. The growing demands for globalization, integration, standardization, innovation and operational efficiency have finally increased the appetite for reflecting on and ultimately improving existing as well as designing an entirely new business process.

GSBA realize that BPM success should ultimately link to business success, to the ability to meet or exceed the business performance objectives that are part of the corporate strategy. GSBA focus on:

  • Business Goals rather than on a sole BPM method and tools.
  • BPM is not the single source of truth.
  • BPM projects are not managed as isolated silos.
  • A Company overall ability to change.

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Business Process Management


GSBS uses methods that collaborate with directors and managers of the organization in making decisions based on relevant data and not based on empirical data.

From experience, GSBA understands that changes within an organization are not well received by people in the business. GSBA methodology works with directors, managers, and employees through mentoring processes, coaching that ensure the reduction of conflicts generated by change processes, collaborating in empowering the members of the organization.