Adaptability is in everything we do

Adaptability, such a complex word yet a skill that is becoming indispensable in today’s world of business

In today’s age, consumers and market taste are capricious; keeping a complacency approach will only land you in hot waters. Life is very unpredictable even for the successful companies; that is why adaptability is so important.

Microsoft and Sony are a clear example of how they have mastered the art of anticipating the future and changing course accordingly. We have all seen how these two major corporations have adapted to market and consumer changes.

This concept also applies to successful people. Tiger Woods’s unimaginable ride, from being number one in the world ranking to the bottom of the barrel in just one year.

During 2011, he had slipped to number 58th place. Who would have thought that Tiger, a well-known golfer for his incredible consistency since he came into the PGA in 1996 could have suddenly in one-year drop so deep.

Well, life is unpredictable, even the most successful people cannot dodge the arrow of outrageous fortune.

There has been so much talk about what happened to him, how his personal life change and therefore affected his ability to perform in a golf course. We have had the pleasure to see how a man that faced so much media pressure slowly is re-building back what he lost. I believe that he has demonstrated how important adaptability is when you are faced with setbacks. I would say this is a clear example of high adaptability and high achievement.

Adaptability-in-every-momentsWhat provides a company or a person the ability to bounce back? What sets them apart?

• The ability to focus on solutions rather than problems.
• To maintain focus on the bright side even if life around you is falling apart
• To be determine to achieving your goal

This is like a muscle, the more you practice these abilities the more they will flow!!

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